About Us

Some Background

We are a hard-working and ambitious company with plans to revolutionize the iGaming industry. Our main focus is our users and the development of innovative gaming experiences.

At Condor Gaming, we believe there are strategic keys to success, that’s why we guarantee the best games with intuitive interfaces from high quality game suppliers, player security and confidentiality, fast withdrawals and easy deposits through a variety of payment methods.

“We believe in individuality and play without limits. We strive to bring the best diverse, tailor-made gaming experiences to a wide array of players around the world through an ever increasing number of ways to have fun online.”

This is our origin story

We’ve come a long way since we started our iGaming journey back in 2012. Today, with 6 brands and over a million users worldwide, we can look back and proudly say we’ve made a significant impact on the industry.

In the beginning...

Established in 2012, Condor Gaming Group swiftly became a leading brand within the world of Online Casino and Sportsbook operators. The company has reached staggering new heights with multiple offices across Europe and over 100 staff members to date, here is a little background on the journey so far.

Sieger and Rembrandt Casino

In 2012, Condor Gaming began operations as a white label with the launch of their first two brands Casino Sieger and Rembrandt Casino, which quickly became household names and led to the 2014 launch of the Sports-Oriented brand online sportsbook and casino B-Bets!


Two years later in 2014, Condor Gaming launched 24Bettle, accompanied by it’s very own mascot - Carlos the bull! There was a considerable amount of attention placed on design and elements of gamification that ensured 24Bettle would stand out from the rest. This brand grew at speed, quickly becoming a customer favourite and led Condor to yet more success as they began to branch out across Europe.

Condor Gaming Bulgaria

After a series of successful launches, in 2017 Condor Gaming opened its Tech Hub in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and became the proud owner of its MGA Licence, coupled with the launch of their 5th and most fierce brand loaded with even more gamification was Big5 Casino and Sportsbook.

UKGC License

As a fully self-sufficient operator, Condor Gaming has ensured that it maintains ownership of everything from the entire platform, to IP, to it’s very own affiliate software. Later in 2017, Condor Gaming acquired UKGC through its decision to remain operating within MGA Markets.

Condor Gaming Croatia
Fast forward to 2019, Condor Gaming opened its Support and VIP hub in Rijeka, Croatia forming a team of 30 staff adding to the ever-growing Condor Family.
Condor Gaming Serbia & LuckyBull

March 2021 marks the year that Condor Gaming Group opened its first hub in Serbia, reinforcing its tech operations whilst launching the 6th Brand Luckybull.com - the most innovative brand of all. Sights are now set on both the East and West, where the brand has instantly become a regular feature in the Japanese Casino Circuit with even further extended gamification and achievement models.

🎉 More Awesome Things Soon To Come

Company Values

Here at Condor Gaming there are a number of guiding principles we value greatly

User focus

Our users are our number one priority. We commit ourselves to providing them with the best possible entertainment/gaming experience.


We trust our employees to be autonomous in their work and manage themselves. Each individual has their own unique way to function at their best and we get that. There is no "one size fits all" in this game.


With great power comes great responsibility. We take ownership of our successes as well as our failures, learning from them as we go.

Great just isn’t good enough

We strive for excellence in everything we do. In order to achieve that, we embrace iterative process of developing our products. Just like a sculptor chipping away at a peace of marble, each iteration brings us closer to perfecting our masterpiece.

Passion for self-growth

We have a strong desire to become better versions of ourselves every day, encouraging the individual to grow and self develop. We also recognize that without growth there is no progress, so we invest in our employees.

Disagree Openly

Ego is the enemy. The obstacle is the way. By disagreeing openly we facilitate an environment for civilized discord and debate, which in turn helps us grind away at our ideas imperfections, ultimately creating a better finished product. Without it, there is no quality.


Speaking of quality, we want to be rock-solid in our approach to everything we do. We'd rather do one thing really really well, than managing multiple projects and skimping on quality. This philosophy is reflected in our work as well.

We act like owners

We embrace the mindset of ownership. Each employee is supported to do their work as if they were the owner of the company, allowing them to be more involved and to lead accordingly. We recognize that the success of the company is our individual success as well.

Ideas over hierarchy

We strongly advocate for individual contribution. Each idea or initiative is considered and supported, regardless of your position within the company.

Ability to move fast

We try to stay as agile and as lean as possible so we are able to promptly respond to the market changes, in order to stay ahead of the curve with innovation. We clean our house daily and remove all the unnecessary clutter slowing us down.


Opportunities with Condor


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